Welcome to Hendry-LaBelle Recreation

The Hendry-LaBelle Recreation Board seeks to make all of LaBelle’s recreational activities available for the public to enjoy. We offer parks, facilities, and activities that help make Hendry County a more enjoyable place to live.

The board’s role is to provide a sounding board for new ideas, assist in solving problems, act as liaison when called upon by other governmental bodies, represent the Parks and Recreation Department’s posture on sensitive issues in the public arena, and assist in the establishment and completion of goals, objectives, and budgets that provide leisure time programs and facilities for communities in Hendry-LaBelle.

We are comprised of five members, and hold monthly meetings on the 3rd Thursday at 5:30pm. The meetings take place at the Hendry-LaBelle Recreation office, and are open to the public.

Rotary Nature Park Clean Up

A special thanks to the man with the tractor that trimmed trails and pulverized all the growth from the walking trails. The TRACTOR MAN, none other than Fred Kobie!

The Rotary Nature Park Clean Up activity happened early in May 2022.

And then there were the three Rotarians (Chris Hanson, Joel LaSalle & our former President Grayson Hicks) who worked silently by themselves, cutting stuff Fred could not reach.

Not to be left out was a huge crew manned by our own Michelle Brunetto and her college daughter who supervised/worked with their group of Interact Students from LaBelle High School.

When you have an opportunity to enjoy some quiet time on a lovely afternoon, go take a relaxing walk through the Nature Park. Enjoy sitting at a Rotary Bench or Rotary Table in the Rotary Gazebo and enjoy a river scene.

LaBelle Rotarians have been working in the Park since it was a major project during the Rotary 100th year anniversary celebration.