Staff Members

Ramiro Rodriguez, Director

Ramiro Rodriguez


Director since 2009 and secretary to the Recreation Board. Oversees seven employees, in charge of all recreation projects and budgets, and oversees all strategic planning.

Randy White, Assistant Director

Randy White

Assistant Director

With the Hendry LaBelle Recreation Board since 2003. Field supervisor to groundskeepers, directs all daily maintenance activities, and facilitates all outside operations.

Lilly Hart, Office Manager

Lilly Hart

Office Manager

Employed with the Hendry LaBelle Recreation Board since 2018. Maintains office finance, all inventory and purchasing.

Thomas Bruce Wilson, Groundskeeper II

Thomas Bruce Wilson

Groundskeeper II
Maria Rafaela Flores, Groundskeeper I

Maria Rafaela Flores

Groundskeeper I
Mario Moreno, Groundskeeper I

Mario Moreno

Groundskeeper I
Gustavo Zapata, Groundskeeper I

Gustavo Zapata

Groundskeeper I

Groundskeepers are responsible for maintaining the landscape of our parks and community centers. Essential duties include mowing lawns, removing weeds, trimming shrubs, planting new greenery, removing unwanted shrubbery and ensuring walkways remain clear. They also pick up and remove trash and debris from the properties on a daily basis. This crew is responsible for the maintenance of all the buildings, including concession stands and restrooms. There are over 170 acres of land associated with the parks that need constant care.